Wagner HVLP Spray Systems

The HVLP systems from Wagner offer the best atomisation in the industry. When coupled with the new, versatile and accurate Maxim II gun, the Wagner HVLP system provides 15% better atomisation, and reduces preparation and clean up time to help keep you more productive.
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Wagner Maxim Ii Hvlp Spray Gun
Robust, well balanced and reliable making the Maxim II the preferred choice for the application of various coatings in the workshop and on site
Made for the Wagner CS5100, CS8100, CS9100 & FC9900 HVLP units plus it is 100% compatible with most modern turbines
No4 1.8mm set up
2 Stage Trigger (Air and Material) Maxum II Non Bleed Click-in air cap Stainless Steel needle and nozzle
Patented dual-pivot trigger (reduced pull and less fatigue)
Increased internal air passages and solvent proof teflon seals
Multi-position pick up tube (creates longer use without refill) and is great for spraying upwards
This gun is included with the purchase of the Wagner FC9900 HVLP turbine unit
We carry a wide range of spares and consumables for The Maxim II spray gun
Wagner FC9900 Plus HVLP Turbine
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £1,249.95 £1,091.35 On Sale
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £1,249.95 £1,091.35 On Sale
The Wagner FineCoat 9900 Plus is a low pressure spraying unit, compact and powerful with an outstandingly fine spray pattern, with water and solvent based paints.

The Wagner FC9900 Plus is a 5 stage HVLP Turbine. With its 1500W motor this is the highest power turbine in its class. With the 5 stage motor developing 10psi this unit has the capacity to apply most coatings. The Maxim II gun, with the various nozzle configurations, allows it to be a very versatile tool.

Wide spectrum of use indoors and out.
Gentle application of decorative materials such as multi-coloured effects.
Productive with a time saving of over 60% compared to brush and roller.
A 40% saving in paint material in comparison to high-pressure spraying.
3 year Wagner guarantee + 2 year extension if registered

Key Features:

Ultra powerful thanks to the 5-stage turbine.
Regulate the air flow and paint material flow rate directly on the gun in one movement.
Ergonomic and lightweight gun.
Spray jet can be set precisely to the subject with one movement directly on the gun.
Practical rest for the gun on the unit.
Quick release coupling with integral swivel link for fast connection of the gun to the air hose.
Fast cleaning on the filter without tools.

Additional Information
Turbine: 5 stage    
Voltage: 110v or 230V, 50/60 Hz    
Power: 1500 Watt    
Dynamic Pressure: 0.68 Bar    
Reservoir Capacity: 1 Litre    
Weight: 15kg