Air Compressors

Scientific Uses
Bambi’s extensive range of Air Compressors meets and exceeds the diverse demands and requirements set by the OEM and Scientific sectors.  Used in "critical” applications where quality and reliability are of paramount importance, Bambi are uniquely placed as manufacturers, to supply not only quality product but provide excellent after-sales care and the ability to develop bespoke solutions to meet any requirement.


Ultraclean air, free of all contamination is an essential part of modern dentistry & healthcare.Bambi have provided a specialist service with outstanding, specifically designed and developed products to these sectors for many years and understand completely the demands of a contemporary surgery.


Wherever there is a requirement to provide an independent, fully self-contained air centre, Bambi is at the forefront of the necessary technology.  They have a large and comprehensive range of compressors to cover just about any application and can even provide a bespoke solution where there is a need. Oil free, silent, clean air, low maintenance.

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