SES Airless Sprayers

The SES airless sprayer range has been introduced to offer a professional spraying solution to the light contractor, semi professional and DIY markets. These easy to operate and maintain 230v spray units are ideal for property maintenance, serious DIY and domestic decoration use when applying either water or solvent based materials.

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Ses Dp-X6V Airless Sprayer Package With Handy Paint Hopper
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £149.50 Sold Out
The X-6V with 4ltr paint hopper, great for small projects as smaller quantities can be used. offers great portability, the ideal option for DIY, homeowners and others spraying low to medium viscosity coatings to tackle many interior projects, fences and decking. The DP-X6 is suitable for for light-duty projects such as decks, fences, walls and ceilings plus other painting projects. Ideal for DIY / Hobby user the sprayer will apply with the correct spray tip water-based paints, oil-based paints, lacquers, garden stains & preservatives plus other non-abrasive materials too..

Includes 3 spray tips 211/313/517 and a 30cm spray extension for ceilings etc
Durable Frame
Compact, lightweight and easy to carry at 8Kg
Adjustable Pressure: Easy pressure control with user-friendly symbols for simple selection of operating modes from low pressure cleaning, medium pressure rolling and high pressure airless painting
Replaceable wear parts: piston rod, O-rings, gaskets etc can be easily replaced saving maintenance cost
Stainless Steel wet components
4ltr paint hopper, great for small projects as smaller quantities can be used.
X450 Spray Gun: Forged aluminium gun for exceptional durability
Patented Oilless Design: Worldwide first design to lubricate the piston rod automatically, users do not need to add lubricating oil everyday.

Material capacity: 4litre paint hopper
Annual usage guide: 250 litre - Annual usage is a general guideline to help with product selection only, assumes good care and routine maintenance.

Basic specifications:
DP-X6 Basic unit on stand with 4 litre paint hopper
Voltage 230v
Supplied with1/4” x 7.5m airless hose X450 spray gun with a bonus 30cm extension and  211/313/517 airless spray tips
Max. tip size .019"
Max pressure 2900 psi
Weight 8kg
Warranty 1 year excluding wear parts