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Satajet X5500 Rp Clear Coat Digital Spray Gun
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £621.60
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £621.60

SATAjet X 5500 RP 1.3mm cc for clear coat application.

The SATAjet X 5500 Clear Coat Edition shines with its newly developed, special nozzle set for clear coat application. The optimised material distribution in combination with a finer atomisation allows users to achieve closed wetting even at a low layer thickness.

Exclusive now! Limited design with a red body and black control elements!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Special clear coat nozzle based on proven I-nozzle technology
  • Fine, homogeneous atomisation for a perfect clear coat
  • Closed wetting even at low layer thickness
  • I-nozzle jet geometry allows controlled application
  • The special clear coat nozzle bears the additional designation “cc” (SATAjet X 5500 RP 1.3cc)
Sata 4400 Minijet Rp/Hvlp
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £294.40
SATA 4400 minijet B HVLP/RP Gravity Spray Gun


With its new, ergonomically shaped handle, the spray gun is perfectly balanced. All adjustment elements can be safely operated even when wearing gloves. Furthermore, the design of the round/flat spray control is geared to the SATAminijet 3000 B. The spray gun is sturdy and long-lasting; the spray fan can be exactly adjusted with a 3/4 turn only.

Enhanced durability

The spray gun body is equipped with a corrosion-resistant chrome surface. The sturdy air cap is made of chrome-plated brass; the paint needle and fluid tip are made of tempered stainless steel. The trigger protects the paint needle from overspray during painting, thus prolonging the lifetime of the paint needle seal. The air piston rod has been especially reinforced. All these features result in an extended spray gun lifetime.

Large QCC cup connection

The SATA 4400 minijet B HVLP allows the use of all three RPS cup sizes. Furthermore, the large connection makes the cleaning of the material passages extremely safe and easy.

  • Small size – big performance
  • For small surfaces and areas of difficult access
  • HVLP and RP nozzle sets
  • Special SR nozzle sets for the smallest spot repairs (Spot repair)
  • New ergonomically shaped handle
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Large cup connection QCC for all RPS cup sizes
  • Highly flexible in terms of atomisation pressure and spray distance
  • VOC-compliant atomisation technology – optionally available as HVLP low pressure or RP optimised high-pressure technology
  • Adam 2 Compatible: Innovative and versatile digital retrofit air micrometre
  • Perfectly suitable for the use of RPS disposable cups
  • QCC Quick Cup connection for quick and clean cup changes as well as easy cleaning
  • CCS Colour Code System for the convenient identification of your spray gun
  • Top-quality is not enough – we guarantee it: for three years
Satajet 100B Rp Spray Gun
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £274.40
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £274.40

Highest economic efficiency – SATA’s HVLP technology guarantees transfer efficiency rates significantly above the required 65% by VOC legislation. This spray gun for filler and primer is not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves a lot of material.

Ergonomically optimised SATA 100 BF spray gun body in state-of-the-art design with small dimensions and low weight for fatigue-free working nozzles sizes ranging from 1.2 to 2.1 for primer and filler work 100% hand checked nozzle sets ensure the constant high SATA quality – for complete guns as well as spare nozzle sets.

  • Smoothly polished gun surface for easy and quick cleaning including material passages.
  • Now with material-flow control with counter nut and enhanced thread, as with the topcoat spray guns
  • Air micrometre with graduations to adjust atomisation air
  • Suitable for waterborne paints – paint needle and nozzle are made of stainless steel and the spray gun body has been carefully anodized
  • Self-adjusting air and material packings with a long lifetime significantly reduce the need for servicing
  • Comfortable trigger with low trigger-pull resistance and integrated paint needle cover, minimising cleaning effort and increasing the lifetime of the needle packing
  • CCS-Clip (Colour Code System) to mark each spray gun individually
  • Single-handed round/flat control to adjust the spray pattern to the object which is to be painted
  • QCC quick cup connector for quick cup changes and fast cleaning as well as for the use of the RPS disposable cup system without the need for an additional adaptor
Satajet X5500 Rp/Hvlp Digital Spray Gun
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £582.49
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £582.49

The new SATAjet X 5500 with the revolutionary SATA X nozzle system will change the paint industry.

Revolutionary, because: For the first time with SATA, a spray gun manufacturer offers a nozzle system that allows two jet shapes per nozzle size. Stretched and oval. In all nozzle sizes. The widest nozzle spectrum ever. For an incredible number of possibilities. For a wide variety of refinishers. For a wide variety of coating systems and climatic conditions. For differentiated objects. With a paint spray gun.

The SATAjet X 5500: as individual as you. The first spray gun that perfectly suits you and your individual requirements.


The atomization of the X-nozzles sets completely new standards
whisper nozzle ™ through optimized flow geometry, reduced volume in the relevant frequency ranges
Suitable for every application requirement, such as properties of the paint system, climatic conditions or painting habits (working speed / control)
With the same application method, considerable material savings are possible
Optimized material distribution for both jet shapes for uniform and optimally matched atomization in a new nozzle system
Low maintenance
Without separate air distribution ring for easier and faster cleaning
Constant jet dimensions for all nozzle sizes (within the respective technology) with uniformly increasing material throughput
Versatile Two jet shapes per nozzle size - suitable for every application requirement
Anest Iwata Ws400 Series 2 Spray Gun - Base Non Digital
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £445.00 £400.00 On Sale
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £445.00 £400.00 On Sale
Supplied with the HVC-1 Pressure Regulator Gauge (worth 60.39 +VAT) free of charge.
SERIES 2: Redefining paint application
The Series 2 WS400 / LS400 range raises the standard of paint application, Anest Iwata continues to seek perfection and even closer to that goal with the Series 2.
The combination of Pininfarina's ergonomic design and the optimised pre-atomisation capabilities of our split nozzle 2.0, the Series 2 range takes takes paint application to a new level.

WS-400 BASE: The all new WS-400 base has been designed for compliant applications, OBS stands for Optimum Base coat Settings. Re-engineered air caps and nozzles create an out the box experience, producing best in class performance.


Other improvements include:

          • Hard wearing twilight chrome finish

          • Linear fan and fluid adjustment system

          • Refined trigger action

          • Double tapered thread system

          • The all new HVC inline pressure regulator is recommended

Devilbiss Dv1S Smart Repair Spray Gun
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £478.00 £358.50 On Sale
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £478.00 £358.50 On Sale

The gun provides consistency and optimization in spraying the latest materials in the market today. The DV1s SMART & Spot Repair gun features three all-new DV1s SMART Repair Air Caps, delivering superior high-efficiency performance for a perfect invisible repair finish.

The air caps deliver consistent and homogenous spray patterns to provide flawless, right first time results. The all-new fluid tip designs match the optimum fluid flow while stabilizing airflow, minimizing material usage and providing significant paint savings. Consistent with the popular DV1 Clearcoat, the DV1s SMART Repair maintains the matte black gun body finish for improved grip and easy handling. Through controlled performance, proven paint savings and superior atomization, the DV1s SMART Repair Spray Gun give painters the confidence to know they can achieve high-quality applications matching original finishes every time for their repair jobs.

• Delivers ultimate SMART Repair application performance

• Sprays consistent and homogeneous spray patterns

• Atomizes effortlessly with a selection of finely tuned air cap and fluid nozzle setups

• Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process

• Provides maximum comfort and ease of use with right the first time results

• Improved transfer efficiency saving time, money, and repair costs per job


Air Cap

  • S1 Air cap, smoother applier, ideal for clear, solvent basecoat and also capable of water in a smoother format.  Closest comparable to PROLite-S TE5