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Wagner Control Pro 350M Airless Paint Sprayer
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Lightweight airless paint sprayer for water and solvent-based wood, metal, wall and ceiling paint. Wagner's High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology provides reduced spraying pressure, longer service life and less overspray. Paint is taken directly from the paint container meaning there is no need to decant or refill a second container.

Supplied with 2 nozzles for both thin (nozzle 311) and thick materials (nozzle 517), that produce a soft spray to improve control for a more consistent finish.  The pump is mounted on a cart base unit with telescopic handle for easy transport and space saving storage.

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The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M belongs to the High Efficiency Airless Control Series. The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M paint sprayer is the bigger and one of the more powerful models in the HEA line. It is mounted on a skid or wheeled trolley, which makes it very mobile and easy to reposition quickly in large spaces. The HEA Control PRO 350M also has more power and that allows you to spray paint exteriors and facades.

HEA (High Efficiency Airless) is Wagner's new Airless technology. The completely new HEA series is designed to replace Wagner's successful Project Pro and PowerPainter series. The new technology gives even better and fuller spray than Airless technology, currently the highest standard in the market. Thanks partly to the new technology, the machine can spray all the usual materials using less power, which makes it far more efficient than the predecessors. It is an ideal machine for large DIY users and small to medium professionals for small to medium-scale professional projects for new builds, furniture production and renovations. This spray package is perfectly capable of spraying all common water- and solvent-based paints which equipped with the correct spray tip.

HEA integrates the advantages of various existing paint spraying technology. Due to the low pressure, it can reduce overspray by some 50% and the paint gun is easier to handle than the old standard Airless paint sprayer. Also, the HEA is a more forgiving or accommodating paint sprayer, meaning that you will get fewer runs and less uneven coverage than you would with current Airless and HVLP technology.

All the plus points of the HEA paint sprayer in a row

Better spray fan than current Airless sprayers (the latest industry standard)
Approximately 50% less overspray
Easier to use
Better application control
No more need for filters
Specially developed tips for better coverage

Product features

High quality alloy ergonomic adjustable gun
Less wear to parts
Little overspray
Excellent end results
Easy to use
Also suitable for exterior latex, and weatherproof wall paint
15 meter hose
Storage compartment for accessories or tools
Pumps directly from the paint bucket

Product package:
1x Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M
1x HEA Hybrid Spray Gun
1x 0517311 HEA Tip (311)
1x 0517517 HEA Tip (517)
1x 0517200 HEA tip holder
1x HEA airless hose 15 m